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15 Advantages and Disadvantages of living in Norway (Some Random Article :o)

15 Advantages and Disadvantages of living in Norway

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always a white christmas in Norway

Just a few hours ago, I met two New Zealand girls for a coffee. One of them was carrying her cute blond baby son and the other was a TV professional just like me :)

Meeting them made me realise that so many of us “Norwegian foreign imports” are feeling quite lost and lonely here; most ladies I’ve met here came to Norway because their kjæreste (boyfriend/ loved one) was Norwegian and for some reason or another, thought settling in Norway would be best.
Norway is a wonderful place of course, but starting a network in work or play is tough, as Norwegians don’t really open up at first meeting. In fact, sometimes they seem rather cold until the second meeting; by then they think it’s alright to let down their guard and let loose their wicked sense of humour.
Thought this might be useful for my new New Zealand friends to know:

15 Advantages of living in Norway
1. Lots of snow!
2. Winter sport lovers get to ski for almost 6 months of a year
3. Beautiful scenery and country side
4. Equality for both sexes and for all people
5. Fantastic paternal benefits – fathers get paid leave from work
6. Creative people can really flourish here with art
7. Strong sense of culture, history and traditions
8. Many opportunities to show off your winter fashion collection
9. Shorter work week (37.5 hours a week for a 100% fulltime position) = more time for play!
10. You’d learn to appreciate the sun *a whole lot more*
11. Strong social benefits for the unemployed
12. Strong belief in peace, quiet and nature
13. High salary and high standard of living
14. You get paid to go on a vacation every year :P
15. Lots of Christian holidays, and Christmas is a fantastic season to celebrate with friends and family
15 Disadvantages of living in Norway
1. Lots of snow :(
2. If you don’t like snow, icy roads and cold weather, you are screwed definitely for 5 months or more every year…
3. Bureaucratic and government services are strict, hard-nosed and a pain in the ass
4. High cost of living – a 10-min bus trip costs generally USD5.00, a Starbucks coffee costs USD7.50, a dinner at a middle-range restaurant costs USD35.00 – 40.00 per person
5. Norwegian (Norsk) is not the easiest language to learn and pronounce
6. Difficulty finding work without knowing Norsk, unless you are an engineer
7. Street Fashion – hard to wear flimsy heels and look sexy during winter months. Expensive winter clothes are a necessary evil in winter
8. Cycling and jogging are not the easiest exercises as there are a lot of hills and mountains in Norway
9. Most supermarkets are closed on Sundays and Saturday evenings
10. In winter, you spend a lot of money getting more heat and light in the house; in summer, you spend a lot of time blocking out light in early mornings so that you can sleep
11. Petrol is really expensive, even though Norway is a oil-producing country
12. Making local friends is difficult unless you start working
13. It’s hard to stay tanned in Norway, unless you like artificial sun-beds and suntan creams
14. Google translate ( becomes your best friend out of the sudden
15. Driving a car in Oslo is for crazy foreigners looking for suicide

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